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Agri crops in 6,905 hectares damaged in Navsari: Officials

The Navari district administration that has started a survey to assess the damage to life, crops and property during heavy rain over the past week found that agricultural crops in 6,905 hectares were damaged of which 33 per cent was in 3,100 hectares of land.

As many as 123 villages out of 389 in six talukas of the district were affected, according to officials who added that there was no major rainfall in the past two days.

Sources in the DGVCL officials are also carrying our repairing work of feeders structures and electric poles. DGVCL official Nirav Prajapati said, “After the Ambika river overflowed and water entered low-lying areas in Sonwadi village, trees were uprooted that fell on electric feeder structures… Our teams are working round-the-clock to restore the power supply.”

Sources in the Navsari district administration said that 72 panchayat roads that were damaged have been repaired and the work of repairing work of 25 roads is still in progress.

As many as 67 cattleheads at Gaushala in Khadsupa village died and 15 cattle belonging to private individuals died in the floods. From July 10 to 16, a total of 22,000 people stayed in shelter homes set up by the district administration. Four deaths were reported in the district due to the flood whose families will be provided compensation.



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